ProDigit Bi color coding printer


Maplejet Bi-color inkjet coding and marking printer has an industrial ability to print two colors simultaneously onto a substrate. The printer comes in two versions – bi-color corrugated box printer and bi-color pipe marker, both providing perfect two-color coding solutions in the industry.

The Bi-color oil-based printer uses a dual-cartridge based ink system with choices of Red, Black, White & Blue to print on porous substrates; while Yellow, Red, Blue & White choices are available for printing on PVC pipe materials.  Its modular design enables it to use two separate print engines using one controller; thus, adding more ability to print either on two sides of the corrugated box or extending its printing height.

Do Away with Mundane Single Color Printing

Bi-color inkjet coding and marking printer is not only low-cost of ownership but also economically friendly for companies looking to save cost while branding directly on the product.  It prints high-resolution logos, pictograms, text and other important information in two colors. using a single print engine. This ability helps product manufacturers boost up their company branding and step ahead of their competitors in the industry.

Sustainable & Eco-friendly Printing

Maplejet ProDigit uses long-lasting printhead powered by Xaar Printhead Technology. Unlike disposable Thermal Inkjet Printers (TIJ), ProDigit’s printhead lasts for an average of two years even on continuous production. This promotes a  good enviromental practice in avoiding disposal of toxic waste materials drawn by waste ink and plastic into the environment. Read more about Sustainable Printing…

Reduce Corrugated Box Inventory

Massive and continuous production lines demand wider inventory and warehouse space. The volume of production and the limited available space for storage often creates problems and confusions especially in time of dispatching the product to the rightful receiver, resulting to huge sale blunder. With Bi-color corrugated printer, it eases the inventory stress by printing directly onto the secondary packaging using the second color as an obvious marking to sort the product.

Save Cost While Printing

ProDigit printer offers low-cost of ownership with its simple yet industrial strength functionalities. Using durable long-lasting printheads that can save cost compared to disposable printheads of thermal inkjet printers. ProDigit inkjet coding and marking printer are operator-friendly that require low maintenance to continuously produce superior print quality throughout the production.

Recommended Download/s

ProDigit 18 for Pipe Marking

ProDigit 18 for Corrugated Boxes

How it works…

There are two kinds of inkjet printing technology – Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) Printing and Drop-on-Demand (DOD) inkjet printing. Maplejet ProDigit works with DOD through Xaar Printhead Technology.

Under DOD falls three classes; valve jet – the flow of intermittent ink droplets are controlled by a valve; thermal inkjet  – the use of tiny heating element to force the ink out of the nozzle; and piezoelectric –  a charge is generated when force is applied unto a certain material producing precise amount of droplets required for printing. Maplejet ProDigit inkjet coding and marking printer uses piezo inkjet technology.

Piezoelectric DOD printing uses piezoelectric technology as actuators for drop ejection. The ink vibration at the nozzle openings is precisely controlled by the actuator once it receives the signal resulting to a multi-sized droplet ejection; thus, delivering outstanding print quality to a range of different substrates.


  • Two color printing on porous or pvc pipe materials
  • Can operate single or double printheads using one controller
  • Easy and simple to use and no extensive training required
  • User-friendly display interface
  • Design, print and store message capability
  • Up to 8 number of lines with maximum speed of 40M/min
  • Remote & field upgradeable with modular components and options
  • Compatible on oil-based for porous surfaces or solvent-based for non-porous surfaces
  • Compact with industrial strength infrastructure

Printer Specifications

Display Screen: 8.4″ Color TFT  LCD with Industrial Touchscreen

Printing Channels: 2 Channels  with Separate Messages

Print Module Connection: Expandable up to 6 heads

Connectivity: To computer, PLC, Weighing device, Barcode reader

Connection ports: Ethernet and RS232

External Database Print Capacity: More than 1 Million records

Menu Language: All Languages available on request

Message Saving Capacity: Up to 999 Messages

Password Protection:  Yes

Input Voltage: 90-240 VAC

Power: 60 W

System  Diagnostic: Yes

Environmental Conditions: 0-50 degrees Celsius – Humidity 0-80% RH

Start & Stop Time: Immediate

Standard: CE, CSA & UL

Resolution: 180 dpi

Max Print Speed: 40M/minutes

Max No. of Lines: 8

Height Range of Printable Characters: 2-18mm

Printable Language: All available on request

Number of Fonts: Six pre-loaded fonts (user defined)

Logo Printing Option: Yes

Message Component: Text, Date, Time, Logo, Counter, Shift, Barcode, External Data, Lot Number,

Basic Shapes

Auto Update: Production & Expiry date, Time, Shift, External Data

Barcode: All major barcodes supported (1D, 2D & GS1)

Print Module Angle Adjustment: 0-180 degrees

Ink Consumption Control System: Yes

Counter: Various counter option

Body Material: Stainless Steel

Wight with Stand: 21 kg

Controller Dimension: 300 x 192 x 60 mm

Ink Supply System: Hybrid Ink System (Auto Priming) + Heater & Agitation System

Printhead Configuration: Square Type Printhead (with Pneumatic System for Pipe Marker)

Encoder: Yes

Extender System: Enables Connectivity up to six print module

Low Level Warning Ink System: Yes

Support Options: Stainless Steel Stand, Aluminium Stand, Elevator, T-bracket

Conveyor: Various sizes and designs available on request

Standard Software Option: Flexicode Message Design Software, Remote Manager Data Management Software

Connectivity with Third Party Software: Yes

Ink Supply System: Standard Cartridge Based System (180ml)

Ink Types: Solvent-based (Pipe), Oil-based (Porous Materials)

Ink Colour Options: Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow