Flexible Film & Foil

Printing on Flexible Film and Foil

Printing on flexible film and foil – from resealable foil pouches to wide trends on the flexible film, the flexible packaging industry has become a series of continuous development to provide a better consumer usability.  Various features have been incorporated to handle products and food sustainably and efficiently within the production to consumer cycle. Major markets in this industry include ready meals, sweet & savory snacks, biscuits & snacks bar, processed food and vegetables, and processed meat & seafood. With this growing demand for the flexible packaging industry, Maplejet provides effective solutions for printing on flexible film and foil materials using its latest Thermal Inkjet Printer – Hx Nitro and series of ProDigit industrial inkjet printers. Hx Nitro is a lite, simple and smart compact TIJ printer making it compatible to all flexible packaging lines. ProDigit inkjet printers have proven years of providing reliable coding and marking in various food and beverages production lines. It specializes in tailor-made printing experience in various production lines.

Recommended Solutions for Flexible Packaging


Hx Nitro Printer

The Hx Nitro is an ‘out of the box’ unit. Place an ink cartridge, connect to a power source and print instantly by pushing the ‘print on’ button. Layouts can be designed via the portable tab that is extremely user friendly Read more…

Maplejet ProDigit 18

ProDigit 18 is a fast-high resolution general purpose printer that can use both solvent fast-dry ink and oil-based ink to print high-resolution codes unto porous and non-porous substrates. The flexibility of ProDigit has made it possible for our engineers to design a variety of configurations to fit custom-made solutions for many production lines. Read more…

Customized Solution

Multihead Printing

ProDigit’s modular concept enables it to use multiple printhead using a single controller. Each print module is connected to different channels that can transmit two separate messages.

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