Corrugated Cardboard & Cartons

Printing on Corrugated Shrink wrap

Flexible packaging used for medical purposes are generally tested and validated with extreme precision. These flexible plastic pouches usually made from HDPE, OPP or PP depending on the liquid or powder to pack in them. New Maplejet range of printers, the Hx family have been designed with produced to cater for high precision requirements for the medical industry. The small footprint of Hx Nitro makes it possible to install and print on all the following products:

Hearing aid packaging

Diagnostic Test Kit Packaging

Hand-held surgical instruments

Examination glove packaging

Syringe packaging

Vials and ampoules

Recommended Solutions for Corrugated Cardboard and Carton


Hx Nitro TIJ

he Hx Nitro is an ‘out of the box’ unit. Place an ink cartridge, connect to a power source and print instantly by pushing the ‘print on’ button. Layouts can be designed via the portable tab that is extremely user friendly… Read more…

Maplejet ProDigit 70

Using a high-intensity pigment black ink, this printer is suitable for printing on porous materials such as corrugated cardboard and carton. Replacing expensive labelling solutions to print bar codes, logos, batch number, and external data directly onto porous substrates. Read more…

Bi-color Corrugated Cardboard and Carton Printer

A perfect solution for manufacturing companies requiring attractive prints to boost up their company branding. The printer is compatible for porous substrates using a standard-based cartridge ink system. It uses a piezoelectric drop-on-demand printhead technology that enables it to print high resolution and superiors prints perfect for printing on corrugated cardboard and carton packaging. Read more…

Customized Solution

Corrugated Carton Printer for Ceramics Packaging Lines Using External Data

Maplejet designed a complete solution using a BCD Interface Module. This module serves as a translator unit between the Control Center and Maplejet ProDigit Printer to select the related message that comes from the packaging station. BCD will send message selecting “Auto Pilot” command to the Maplejet PD controller thru RS232 protocol that is based on BCD code. Once this is received via STROBE signal, “Auto Pilot” ability activates from the Maplejet PD controller.. Read more…