ProDigit Lite Printer


ProDigit Lite is the basic printer coding machine version of Maplejet ProDigit range of industrial inkjet printer. It can print and auto-update production/expiration date & time and print text up to 4 lines. Using a standard cartridge based ink system, it provide lost cost of printing and compatible with various solvent-based ink and oil-based ink.

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Basic Printer Coding Machine for SME

Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) often need basic date coder machine equipment to suit their production demand. ProDigit Lite provides basic requirement in printing production/expiration date, time and text in high-resolution (180dpi or 90dpi). It is an easy-to-operate equipment with very low maintenance requirement.

Simple, lightweight, low-cost of printing date coder

ProDigit Lite date coder is simple and easy to use. It is an entry-level printer coding machine suitable for basic printing of dates codes, text and time. With maximum speed of 35 meters per minutes it can be easily integrated to all different industries such as food and beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.


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ProDigit Lite

How the basic printer coding machine works…

There are two kinds of inkjet printing technology – Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) Printing and Drop-on-Demand (DOD) inkjet printing. Maplejet ProDigit works with DOD through Xaar Printhead Technology.

Under DOD falls three classes; valve jet – the flow of intermittent ink droplets are controlled by a valve; thermal inkjet  – the use of tiny heating element to force the ink out of the nozzle; and piezoelectric –  a charge is generated when force is applied unto a certain material producing precise amount of droplets required for printing. Maplejet ProDigit printer coding machine uses piezo inkjet technology. PD Lite is a small character inkjet coder.

Piezoelectric DOD date coder uses piezoelectric technology as actuators for drop ejection. The ink vibration at the nozzle openings is precisely controlled by the actuator once it receives the signal resulting to a multi-sized droplet ejection; thus, delivering outstanding print quality to a range of different substrates.


  • Can operate single or double printheads using one controller
  • Easy and simple to use and no extensive training required
  • User-friendly display interface
  • Design, print and store message capability
  • Up to 4 number of lines with maximum speed of 35M/min
  • Compatible with various solvent based ink and oil-based for porous surfaces
  • Compact with industrial strength infrastructure

Printer Specifications

Display Screen: Single Color Industrial LCD

Printing Channels: 2 Channels  (Same Messages)

Print Module Connection: Expandable up to 6 heads

Message Saving Capacity: Up to 44 Messages

Input Voltage: 90-240 VAC

Power: 60 W

Environmental Conditions: 0-50 degrees Celsius – Humidity 0-80% RH

Start & Stop Time: Immediate

Standard: CE, CSA & UL

Resolution: 180 dpi or 90dpi

Max Print Speed: 35M/minutes

Max No. of Lines: 4

Height Range of Printable Characters: 2-18mm

Printable Language: English

Number of Fonts: 7

Message Component: Text, Date, Time,

Auto Update: Production & Expiry date, Time

Print Module Angle Adjustment: 0-180 degrees

Body Material: Stainless Steel

Wight with Stand: 21 kg

Controller Dimension: 300 x 192 x 60 mm

Ink Supply System: Hybrid Ink System (Auto Priming)

Conveyor: Various sizes and designs available on request

Ink Supply System: Standard Cartridge Based System (180ml)

Ink Types: Various Solvent, Oil-based & UV Curable Option available

Ink Colour Options: Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, UV Readable

Support Options: Stainless Steel Stand, Aluminium Stand, Elevator, T-bracket