Maplejet Hx Nitro Thermal Inkjet Printer is end-users' favored inkjet coding printer at Gulfood Manufacturing show

The second day of of the show started with the primary objective of showcasing the company’s industry leading thermal printer, the Hx Nitro.

Maplejet Team showcasing Hx Nitro simplicity and flexibility

Visitors were looking for solution to reduce the cost on machine parts and maintenance that is apparent in other inkjet coding technology. This is possible with Hx Nitro’s simplicity and maintenance-free ability in the production; thus, making it the end-user’s favored device.

Hx Nitro can be installed in any production line such as Vertical Form Filling machines, Horizontal Form Filling machines and on standard conveyor belt. There are instructional videos that are available online to assist end users to install, operate and even fix minor warnings of the printer. This makes the complete printer easy and user-friendly for end-users.