Hx Training Videos

Hx Nitro Training Videos

The following are video-based instructions for Hx Nitro Printer and its accessories. Each link will take you to a specific YouTube URL!

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Getting Started

 [03:21] Hx Nitro Quick Start Up & First Print Test

[01:19] Mounting Ink Cartridge to Hx Nitro Printer

Printer Accessories

[01:54] Assembling Hx Nitro L-shaped Stand

[03:11] Mounting Fine Tuning & Moving System Interface

[02:38] Understanding Encoder


Hx Manager

[04:00] Introduction to Hx Manager

[01:22] Setting up Password Protection for Hx Manager

[01:32] Chronplast Ink Configuration using Hx Manager

[01:26] Time & Date Setting in Hx Manager

[01:31] How to connect Hx Nitro via Access Point

[01:44] Ink Consumption Calculator

[01:07] Using Diagnostic Code for Health Check

[04:08] Economy Mode & Non-economy Mode Printing

[01:32] Activating Rollover Time

[01:12] Pulse Warming Setting in Hx Manager

[01:58] Understanding Print Module Ink Ejection (PMIE)

Hx Simple Message Editor

[02:08] Introduction to Simple Message Editor

[01:47] Designing Production & Expiration Date in Simple Message Editor

[01:38] Designing Four-line Message & Lot Number in Simple Message Editor

Vanguard Create

[03:59] Introduction to Vanguard Create

[03:59] Quick Guide on Vanguard Create Basic Tools & Operations

[01:31] Multi-port Communication in Vanguard Create

[03:43] Designing Counter

[01:53] Designing Online External Data

[02:08] Designing Batch External Data

[02:07] Designing Lot Number

[02:46] Designing Shift

[02:40] Designing 2D GS1 Barcode with External Data

[01:37] Designing QR Barcode with External Data

[02:23] Print Parameter Adjustment (Bold, Width & Print Speed)

[01:39] Understanding Vertical Ratio

Installation Guides & Recommendations

[02:09] Recommended Sensor Position

[02:03] Hx Nitro Installation in Vertical Form Filling (VFF) & Horizontal Form Filling (HFF) Lines

[02:36] Recommended Print Resolution & Other Parameters

Quick Fix 

[01:23] 10000 – Fixing Bad Print Parameters

[01:37] 100000 – Manual Ink Configuration due to Bad Waveform

[01:27] Nozzle Row Configuration for Bad Printing Quick Fix

[01:37] Automatic Ink Configurations for Chronplast, Ultraflex & Boxtron