Hx Nitro


Maplejet thermal inkjet printer – Hx Nitro is an ‘out of the box’ unit. It offers the simplest way to print any information such as text, production date, lot number, counter, 2D barcode, GS1 DataMatrix, shift, logos, and external data to any substrates.

  • Easy to install in any production line
  • Design simple message & monitor printer using mobile phone, tablet or computer via Hx Manager
  • Maintenance-Free thermal inkjet technology
  • WiFi communication availability
  • Special ink solution for specific substrate and working condition
  • Windows-based software for designing multiple message – Vanguard Create
Hx Nitro will increase the efficiency of your packaging production line. It removes the hassles of bulky coding & marking printers and wasteful thermal transfer ribbons, while increasing print width and production speed. All by reducing your overall production cost.
  • Why Hx Nitro

    Our mission is to increase the efficiency of the packaging and production line by reducing the overall production cost, removing the difficulties of operating bulky coding & marking printers as well as eliminating wasteful thermal transfer ribbons.




    Based on disposable print cartridges with no moving parts, retails for almost half the price of a CIJ printer
    A CIJ capable of printing LOT codes, expiry dates can cost close to double the price of a TIJ printer
    In addition to all the advantages of a Thermal Inkjet Printer, Hx Nitro includes :


    Requires minimal servicing
    Frequent cleaning and maintenance required by trained engineers
    Wireless connectivity


    Hx Nitro thermal inkjet printer is relatively small, does not require large spaces
    Bulky, occupying more space in the production line
    Maintenance-free instant dry solvent ink


    Start-up and shut down takes seconds
    Takes several minutes to start up, cleaning needed which increases potential downtime
    Friendly, smart and advanced message designing software


    Far simpler modular systems that need minimum servicing which can be done by an unskilled operator
    Complex machines with precision parts that will encounter costly replacing due to wear and tear
    Online self diagnosis system
    Data management and printer software system
    Prints in high resolution up to 600 DPI


    Internet of Things (IoT) Enabled

    Operator-Friendly Tablet Software Control

    Maintenance-Free Instant Dry Solvent Ink

    Accessing Information with Hx Manager Wi Fi Connectivity

    The advanced Hx Manager technology of Hx Nitro thermal inkjet printer provides companies with instant and efficient monitoring ability with a top-of-the-line production environment. Using a specific IP address and a Wi Fi connectivity, any device that can connect to Wi Fi can have access to printer’s information such as its ink level, ink details, printer status, and other print parameters in real-time. There will be less operator interventions as Hx Manager can notify operators or production managers on the status of the printer and track progress of its production. Hx Nitro IoT Video

    Data Management & Printing Software System

    Hx Nitro is integral part of Maplejet’s Data Management and Printing Software System. It provides high-resolution print of GS1 DataMatrix Barcodes, which is generally used in various industries such as in Food, Beverage and Pharmaceuticals. The information is created through a message designing software that sends it to Hx Nitro thermal inkjet printer for printing. A verification camera captures the encoded information which is transmitted to the Data Management Verification Software, where it is stored and verified.

    Vanguard Create for Hx Nitro Thermal Inkjet Printer

    Hx Nitro Online Store is Now Available in Canada!

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