Hx Nitro Internet of Things

Hx Nitro Internet of Things 

The introduction of smart technologies that promotes Internet of Things (IoT) in the workplace is one of the most important developments in recent history. It revolutionizes business, especially the ones in the manufacturing sector.  

Industrial inkjet date coders, a vital part of production to consumption trail in the manufacturing industry, provides a major opportunity to manufacturing companies take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Hx Nitro printer, a lite and industrial thermal inkjet printer, is an IoT device. It allows machine operators to communicate the printer through smartphones, tablet, or computer. It eliminates the hassle of using hard machine keypads in designing message, tangling cable connecting controller to printhead and ink system, and regular maintenance visits. 

Hx Nitro Access Point Communication

IoT in the production line provides


IoT in the production line provides operational efficiency. Hx Nitro has the ability to render printer health check through its Diagnostic Code when accessing Hx Manager, an IP-based application that controls and monitors the printer. The Diagnostic Code provides warning or signal that may cause the printer to not function properly. This diagnostic and predictive maintenance helps reduce long and expensive downtime.

Through Hx Manager, operators will be able to get ink consumption estimate and even activate economy mode printing to reduce ink consumption and increase print quantity while maintaining the quality of print. There is a real-time data collection of production report allowing companies to keep track of their production rate.