About us

Maplejet is a marking & coding design and manufacturing group established in Toronto, Canada in 2007. We are committed to partnering with food, pharmaceutical and industrial producers to find solutions that best fit their coding and marking needs. Our mission is to become an industry leader by providing best-of-class products and services whose founding is based on research and continuous innovation. We work with our customers to learn and anticipate future needs of the industry and develop products that meet their needs. Our designs are based on simplicity and flexibility that allow producers to use our coding products with minimum expertise; hence, lowering their production cost. It is our goal to continuously look for ways to reduce the cost of our consumables thereby minimizing the impact of coding on the price of products made for consumers.
As part of our vision to become a choice-partner for food producers, we are dedicated to advocating for food safety by going beyond providing manufacturers with inkjet printers. We are committed to helping customers avoid processed food product misinformation that deliberately causes food poisoning, especially in children. The proper date-mark on food guides consumers to understand when a product can become unsafe for consumption, as well as help food retailers become aware of its shelf life and take measures to reduce waste. Avoiding food waste and taking food safety as its guiding principle, Maplejet is committed to delivering inkjet printers and testing ink solutions that conform with manufacturers standard coding and marking requirement thereby taking its share of this global social responsibility seriously and to the core of its business. In making sure local customer and service needs are met, Maplejet has successfully selected and partnered with a networks of reputable distributors in many countries around the world. Our sister company, Honaz FZCo, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates serves as its Eastern headquarters for operations in that region.