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ProDigit Bi-Color is here!

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The MapleJet ProDigit range of printers has been further extended with the addition of a range of two color printers based on the existing ProDigit design. The PD18 Bi Color is the first to be launched and is available with a variety of color combinations and ink types compatible with most porous and non porous surfaces.

With a maximum print speed of 40 metres /minute (130’ /minute) it can address most applications and can print in any orientation. With the option of a standard ink system (180ml x 2) or the Bi Hybrid (400ml x 2) low and high ink consumption applications can be catered for.

Two colour messages can be designed on the standard controller or in MapleJet’s Flexicode PC software and predesigned two colour files can also be imported via our Remote Manager PC package.

As always quality, flexibility, ease of use and cost of ownership are all considered making PD18 Bi Color the most cost effective solution for industrial two color printing.

Here’s the Gallery of ProDigit 18 Bi-Color  Print Samples :

Here’s the Video of ProDigit 18 Bi-Color working.

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Hybrid Ink System now available!

Technical Specification

In addition to the standard 180ml ink system supplied with our printers we now have the option of the Hybrid. This ink system handles 400ml ink bags that reduces ink bag changes by more than 50% which minimizes downtime in high volume ink applications.
Priming of the system is handled by a push button air pump and a low level ink beacon indicates when an ink bag change is required.
The Hybrid can be retrofitted to all existing MapleJet printers, please call your local MapleJet representative for more details or Contact Us through this form.

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